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New Medal of Honor trailers!

Recently, I posted that a Medal of Honor beta is coming soon. At E32010, Electronic Arts showed off gameplay footage of Medal of Honor multiplayer, and let me tell you, it will give Modern Warfare a run for its money. Activision has gotten its true competitor in EA, because if these trailers don’t impress you from the furious and frantic action its providing, then I don’t know what it does. I have seen reactions from the community, they call it a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in a fresh new coat of paint – with little tweaks to the gameplay such as smoother framerate, and faster animation resulting in an Arcade feel. Enjoy:

If that’s not enough…

After watching these trailers, I am going to call this right now. That unless Activision does something about it – the Modern Warfare franchise is officially; dead. There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s going to start crushing bones.

Lets hope the game plays as good as it looks, or even better than either COD4, or MW2.

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