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First look at the Specialists in Battlefield 2042

It has been a while since Electronic Arts (and by extension, D.I.C.E.) released a new Battlefield title. On June 9, 2021 – Battlefield 2042 was revealed. Shortly afterwards, on June 13, 2021 – Battlefield 2042’s Multiplayer was revealed. Today, we’re […]


Electronic Arts hosts a lukewarm EA Play Live event

Last December, Xbox Series X was revealed during The Game Awards 2019 event. On June 11th, PlayStation 5 was revealed. Electronic Arts planned their EA Play Live event, and fans were excited. There’s just one problem with EA Play 2020: […]


Crysis Remastered announced

For those of you who are not familiar to Crysis. It was a first person shooter that was released for PC in 2007, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in 2011. The next question is going to be: “Can my hardware […]


E3 2019 had a rocky start

Electronic Arts kicked off E3 2019 with a lackluster EA Play. The event did not unveil any new game, and the only thing the “conference” was for was the DLC’s they have planned for the following games… Apex Legends Battlefield […]


An EA partner developer can’t use Porsche?

Electronic Arts and Microsoft have been partners for years. And they don’t really need to be partners anyway. I mean, Peter Moore left Microsoft for Electronic Arts in 2007. Peter Moore heads the EA Sports division of Electronic Arts. Peter […]


The war for the throne: The Modern Warfare brand.

This article is a continuation of my previous article about the ongoing court battle over Activision’s various activities regarding ex-Infinity Ward executives. May 23rd was the start of that lawsuit. There was not a lot of information available until someone […]


Call of Duty will be just fine.

There’s a lot of speculation on whether Call of Duty is dying, or will just die off. [Here is one source] There has been some articles saying that Activision wrote in their memos that Call of duty may be dying, […]


The battle of the titans: Activision vs EA

It has been a very long war between Activision and Electronic Arts for the throne of being the biggest video game publisher in the video game industry today. This war was pretty silent, as both companies exchanged employees, exchanged blows, […]


If there was a franchise to revive…

I’ve been playing a game on facebook. That game is rising in popularity, and why not, it’s a tried and true game and formula. CityVille was created by the same developers of FarmVille. Yes, Zynga has expanded its gaming portfolio. […]


New Medal of Honor trailers!

Recently, I posted that a Medal of Honor beta is coming soon. At E32010, Electronic Arts showed off gameplay footage of Medal of Honor multiplayer, and let me tell you, it will give Modern Warfare a run for its money. […]