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MW2: Resurgence Package goes Xbox Live in June

Modern Warfare 2 has been selling like hotcakes in recent months, so much that the new map pack for MW2 called Stimulus Pack has sold 17 million units. Based on that number, you would know that Activision has been making a lot of money lately. You think they’re done? No. They plan to come out with a new map pack called the “Resurgence Package.” The hell? What’s with the name? Its the most stupidest name for a map pack that I have ever come across. How about calling it Stimulus Pack 2? Is it that hard? Well, nonetheless, Robert Bowling, the community manager for Activision’s subsidiary Infinity Ward went on Inside Xbox to give the low down on the maps themselves.

Enjoy the trailer:

One map that I like of the maps seen in there, is Vacant. I loved it in COD4, but DAMN, the map looks GORGEOUS in there! Gorgeous! A lot of people are excited about Carnival, mostly because they thought it was creepy, others think that there’d be a bunch of mirrors pointing at each other, as you’d see in most carnivals. But upon seeing the video, its underwelming. Trailer Park looks like a great map for run n’ gun gameplay. Fuel looks like a boring map, and if you asked me, its an extention of Rust. Strike looks an extremely realistic map. I can’t wait to play these maps on my PS3 in july.

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