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Tech Vs Monster – A Lost Planet at War!

Capcom is known to have developed some great games, but like some companies – Capcom’s games can be a hit or miss affair. The original Lost Planet and Dark Void were misses.

Capcom has been putting out some episodic trailers to tide us over with regards to Lost Planet as it will be released in May. Quite the long wait for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC owners. One of the best trailers to come out of Capcom’s HQ is below:

My time with Lost Planet 2 at E32009 had me impressed. The recent release of LP2 Co-Op demo reinforced my first impressions – its awesome. Capcom isn’t known to have some of the most epic games made. Looks like Lost Planet 2 is set to break that mold. One of the complaints that the original Lost Planet had was the fact that it was always in snow, this has been fixed. There is a lot of variety in locations.