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MW2 DogTags?

One of the most popular features about Mortal Kombat is the ability to pull off a “fatality,” a “babalities,” a “animality” and a “friendship.” One feature that is underrated in MGS2 is the ability to collect dogtags.

Now, the question is for a first person shooter game – How do we embarrass someone else? Every day, that I play COD4, I come across a guy who’s intention is to embarrass me. Or a guy who talk a lot of smack to me. How do we take revenge? By killing him? Several times? As in death streaks?

How about something better? I was reading a thread at COD4Boards and I had an idea. When you kill someone, you should be able to pick up his dogtag!

For example, someone kills you after you’ve checked the room as a routine check. But a minute later, he shot you. You died. He was camping. A lot of people hate campers. You go back and find him, and killed him. What’s next? How about picking up his dogtag! And this dogtag isn’t just some callsign, its a real-live embossed card of your camper’s (or enemy’s) name. Once you’re finished with the match – others can see your dogtags once they hover over your name. As if you’re wearing it with pride.

But you can’t just pick up everyone’s dogtags, you need to have a certain kind of situation to be in with him. For example, if he killed you more than 3 times due to him being a dumb little camper – you take the dogtag. Or if you completed a challenge such as Collateral Damage, and one of the players you shot is a recurring killer of yours – you get the dogtag from him.

Similar to challenges, you can view your collected dogtags – to see or show you’ve killed a recurring player, or a famous player.

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    XBL: Nick7860
  • November 2, 2009
In Battlefield Bad Company you can take someone's dog tags by getting close to them and stabbing them with your knife. Further, you can review all the tags you have taken (total and unique), along with the date, players rank, and number of times you have taken his tags. Hopefully this will carry over to Bad Company 2, it was skipped in Battlefield 1943. :-(
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