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Everyone is doing predictions all over the internet. And I’ll be the last person on the queue on the road to E32009.

Lost and Damned heads to PS3?
Maybe Microsoft has a curse for having their exclusives jump ship? Sony may be getting Lost and Damned onto their PS3 console because the game was a timed exclusive. PlayStation Insider claims that Lost and Damned may be going to PS3, and that the $50 million doesn’t apply to just Lost and Damned, the agreement may mean that Xbox 360 gets not one, but TWO DLC’s for GTA4. The name of the second DLC is The Ballad of Gay Tony. It will be available on Xbox 360 this fall, for 20 bucks a piece.

360° Sensor? 360° Waggle? 360° Wand?
Microsoft unveils the final product of the motion sensor controller, numerous rumors has suggested it will be revealed very soon, others are saying its already been revealed in prototype form. Along with it, will be a few new IP’s that take advantage of the peripheral.

PS3 and PSP Go at E32009?
PSP Go and PS3 are the big announcements that will highlight at E32009, there has been lots and lots of rumors and speculation surrounding the picture that first came onto the internet about PS3 slim. The closer the date gets to E32009, the better the rumors sound. So, a price drop may not happen for the current models; but a slim PS3 will act as the third SKU and will be looked at as a “price drop” by many consumers. Mostly because redesigns are supposed to eliminate costs associated with producing the hardware. A dual picture confirms this because of the striking similarity of the boxes – coupled with a video that Qore subscribers have been getting made the whole dual announcement more likely. The big megaton is PS3, and PSP Go – many sites such as GameSpot, and PlayStation Lifestyle confirms it.

These models, are not intended to replace the current models – they are going to be the second or third pillars of the PlayStation brand mostly because these models are supposed to act as the “download consoles” like OnLive. And judging by the release date for PSP Go (which is Fall 2009), the new PS3 model will be launched in the same window.

Nintendo’s Surprise? WiiHD?
Nintendo has always grabbed a rabbit out of its hat consistently over the last decade that E3 has been alive. Nintendo has always won E3? Will they do it again especially with DSi just released? And when you have Sony coming out with two major announcements? Well, if you’ve been reading up lately about PSP Go, and PS3 Slim – chances are that Wii will get a remodel, or a enhanced Wii through WiiHD? WiiSense? The other surprise may be a new Zelda since a recent patent (#1 and #2) has been filed for use with Zelda’s Puzzles.

Sega has been hard at work on a major surprise at E32009 – The dream still lives! Dreamcast 2 is coming with 15 launch titles, a DreamMote, an updated VMU that has a sweet looking color screen, it will have an online infrastructure similar to Xbox Live, and it will allow for HD games through awesome graphics. Release Date: 09/09/09 Nah, Just teasing. Just kidding.

Metal Gear Next? NeoMetalGear!?
There has been speculation about Kojima’s recent teaser website. One possibility is that the game relates to a much talked remake of Snatcher, a possible grown up sunny as speculated by a Blu Ray Forum, or possibly Gray Fox himself. What if I told you, that maybe the face behind the cyborg ninja (using Raiden’s exoskeleton) is someone’s daughter? Namely Olga’s? Hmm? And on top of that, there’s an alien version of Olga – since the teaser shows two things: One is an alien form, and the other is the destoryed; yet gifted version of the alien form. I have a feeling that someone got ahold of Olga’s body to retain the blood, and DNA in order to attract Sunny into becoming a part of a new terrorist organization.

Then again, John Olin of XboxEvolved, said in his twitter that the number “5” in earlier teasers may indicate the fifth IP from Konami/Kojima Productions.

There are evidence that suggests that there is going to be a situation that involves Sunny and her mother. First things first. Kojima left holes into the plot between Olga’s death, and the daughter, like for example; What happened to Sunny after she was ‘freed’ by Otacon? And who happens to be the kid that Sunny met? What part does he have in the new Metal Gear?

I saw the teaser all this time, and I saw that Snake (or Big Boss) teaser. I think it is Snake, a Metal Gear website speculates this. From the image, you can tell he’ll be a colonel, or Master Chief but for what organization? It certainly isn’t FoxHound, it certainly isn’t the Patriots. I think that Snake has healed to the point that the FoxDie allowed him to revert back to aging normalcy. Big Boss couldn’t be alive, because he let himself rest at the end of MGS4. Liquid Snake and Ocelot are dead, but that doesn’t stop someone from getting his genetic DNA and creating clones like they have from Big Boss.

Looking closely between the teaser image and the box art – they’re identical, and Big Boss’ face is very different from the teaser image (this vs this and on top of that there’s a touched up version of it) so its Snake. The other thing that I have noticed is that some think that the box art of MGS4 doesn’t show snake’s eye. But during the game we’ve seen Snake’s eyes wether he’s using the Snake Eye, or not. There’s a possibility that we’ll see old Snake in action before we actually see the new patched-up snake? And that the love of his life may come into his life much the same way Eva walked into Big Boss’ life? And with this, this person acts as an informant to the new organization and tries the same situation on Old Snake?

…..Mortal KombatOr what’s left of it.
Next week is the final chance for ANY suspecting bidder to bid on Midway assets including Mortal Kombat along with Warner Bros. eyeing the buyout of the Mortal Kombat brand – and offering Midway a total sum of 33 million straight up for Midway US assets. Midway will be owned by a new company, and Mortal Kombat 8 will be revealed next week during E3 to help skyrocket Midway’s stock price. And whoever owns Mortal Kombat better not piss me off.

Enter the realms of …Forever.
Microsoft moved up their keynote just hours ago. We heard a weeks ago, that 3D Realms was sued by Rockstar over Duke Nukem Forever, but much later, we learned that the company isn’t closing. Sources close to XboxEvolved was saying that the game was also being developed for Xbox 360. All sources before this was old, but the source I’m giving you now, has been online for a few hours now. A developer cites that Duke Nukem Forever was being developed for PC and Xbox 360, and along with it was the timeframe; 2007 through 2009.

What if, the surprise was the acquistion of Midway, or the acquisition of 3D realms, and that either Mortal Kombat or Duke Nukem Forever is exclusive only to Xbox 360 and PC? Hm? The twitter comment said “last-minute” leading me to believe that either one company is to be acquired by Microsoft?

Hellknights invade your home consoles …soon.
I predict that Doom 4 will be unveiled and revealed to the public – the game is to be released sometime next year.

One thing for sure, this year’s E32009 will no doubt be the one to watch. I’ll be there reporting live from the show floor.