New info arrives for WWE 2K20

Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch graces the WWE 2K20 Cover

On July 31st, it was revealed that we’d get first information about WWE 2K20 on August 5th, alongside first images of the game. Today, WWE announced first info, but we have more information, and videos to show. First off, Xavier Woods revealed first details about WWE 2K20… WWE 2K has been a yearly affair for… Continue reading New info arrives for WWE 2K20

WWE2K20 to be revealed August 5th's WWE 2K20 Cover Bayley

Today, WWE pulled the veil of secrecy surrounding the next iteration of the WWE 2K series. The next title in the series is going to obviously be WWE 2K20. The WWEGames Twitter account tweeted it out, and followed up with their own announcement of the new game. August 5th is obviously next Monday, and… Continue reading WWE2K20 to be revealed August 5th