WWE2K20 to be revealed August 5th

WWE 2K20 Cover Bayley
WWE.com's WWE 2K20 Cover Bayley

Today, WWE pulled the veil of secrecy surrounding the next iteration of the WWE 2K series. The next title in the series is going to obviously be WWE 2K20. The WWEGames Twitter account tweeted it out, and WWE.com followed up with their own announcement of the new game. August 5th is obviously next Monday, and will obviously unveil the cover on Monday Night Raw. They do it every once in a while. Nobody knows the cover athlete for the game, but WWEGames Twitter and WWE.com let the first screenshots be released to the public while anticipation mounts for the reveal.

The first screenshot is WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar…

The second screenshot is WWE Smackdown Champion, Bayley…

We’ll learn more about the game on August 5th. No other information about the game has been provided by WWE or any other outlet.