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E32011: MW3 Trailers Analysis.

E32011 is done. Now that E32011 is over and behind us. I’m going to break down what’s been revealed so far. What we do know is that MW3 takes place in New York. [article] And we have seen partial trailer […]


E32011: New MW3 Footage.

E32011 continues. More footage of Modern Warfare 3 has surfaced onto the internet. This footage is directly from the Modern Warfare 3 demo that’s being on exposition at E3 as we speak. You begin in the streets of New York […]


New MW2 Trailer!

It looks like the story has progressed so much that everything seems to have evolved. Even there are some new gameplay mechanics during single player, jumping on a marine truck and using a turret!? SIGN ME UP! I can’t wait […]