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E32011: New MW3 Footage.

E32011 continues. More footage of Modern Warfare 3 has surfaced onto the internet. This footage is directly from the Modern Warfare 3 demo that’s being on exposition at E3 as we speak. You begin in the streets of New York in this demo, its kind-of hard to make out letters as most of the letters are “blurred” at the moment, because this what we have so far.

Anyhow, you will be able to fight enemies from cars, from trucks, military jeeps, and you will be able to fight against a helicopter at some point. Once you’ve reached to a new point, you will have to go into a nearby building. This building looks to be a company headquarters. You will fight enemies in hiding, and you’ll also come across a view of the financial district, you’re across the street from that famous American flag building that is in the official trailer. From here the game skips the part with these “In the interest of time…” You’re now on the ground, it seems like you’re going to play a new character each time this happens. So, like MW2 before it, more than one protagonist is going to be a theme in MW3 in some chapters of the game. Unlike it, though is the frequency of the switches. This happened in the previous trailer that was shown during Microsoft’s presentation.

Now, you going to go into a heated battle in financial district, this time, your job is to sneak up on your opponent – at least that’s what the demo showed. You’re going to pick up a weapon with a rocket launcher and a new type of scope. You’re now going to run to a ladder and battle it out in the rooftops of New York, this is where things get really crazy. At this point, you’re to battle through a lot of soldiers shielding this communications tower. Once the satellite is torched, you’re now going to battle enemies on other rooftop, at this point the Predator Missile returns to help you in battle.

After a bit, you’re going to go into the helicopter! Whee! And you get to handle the machine gun, unlike Black Ops’ limited machine gun movement, you can move the gun all the way to the left or the right. You’re going to have a firefight against a few helicopters with each one of these helicopters shooting these missiles everywhere. Its crazy. In fact; Awesome. You’re going to be in a firefight with this particular helicopter like a boss battle, an epic one, at that. You don’t see many firefights like that; rotating around an unfinished building – shooting and stuff. I must say I like it. A lot. At some point though, the helicopter explodes and goes a-flying and hits you. Your character dies, but you get to see the destruction from his eye, as if he was watching his last 5 seconds of glory. This is where the trailer ends.

One last thing, I looves the music. Epic. Fabulous. Fitting.