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E32011: MW3 Trailers Analysis.

E32011 is done. Now that E32011 is over and behind us. I’m going to break down what’s been revealed so far. What we do know is that MW3 takes place in New York. [article] And we have seen partial trailer from “Black Tuesday.” [article] But both articles has early gameplay trailers, the ones I’m about to discuss is much, much more clear, and legible. And not only that, they have footage that is NOT found in the original trailers posted.

Hunter Killer: This is the same section that was shown during the Microsoft Conference. You begin in underwater rubble. You’ll no doubt find the beginning funny since Xbox 360’s controller happened to go bonkers, but the first thing confirmed is that the traditional Modern Warfare pause screen returns. You must make it to the submarine, the mission’s target. Along the way, you’ll see small details such as dead people, you can flicker on and off the meter, and flashlight. Once you make it to the surface you’ll see that New York is in shambles. The weapon that you’re holding is probably the new MP5. By the end of your time in the submarine you’re going to breach and enter, and you’re going to use a shotgun of sorts. I’m not sure which one. You will now be in the midst of a war against Russian ships, aircrafts and what have you. You will have to follow your comrades into a gunship standing by awaiting your arrival. For more details about the trailer, follow this link.

Black Tuesday: This section of the MW3 campaign has been aired on Spike TV, and a lot of youtube’ers have been uploading this section to help provide new information about MW3, and show off the gameplay in full. The previous article showed much of this, but the trailers that I’m seeing now shows an alternate route. It does not have the “In the interest of time…” in one of the sections, so this means that if you go to a particular route, the game gives you a new perspective. Meaning that you alter the events of the game a bit. That’s all just speculation at this point.

You start out inside a military Humvee; a truck utility vehicle. Your utility vehicle was toppled over in a battle. Your team is Delta Force. You will rise up and see a missile crashing into one of the buildings, and a piece of the building’s wall will come crashing down a few feet from you. At the outset, you are carrying an assault rifle, presumably an AK47. You will start out with not one, but two attachments. One of them is Red Dot Sight, and the other is a typical military scope. As you start walking into battle, a military tank will roll their engine, guiding you through battle. At some point, the player switches his scope from the side to the middle, so this means you can switch scope on and off. You will see that AK47 is laying on the ground, and go to broken wall, you will back out, and find a P90 laying down with ACOG sights on. When you finally get behind your comrades, you will see yet another AK47 with a silencer and an ACOG sight. Once you see enemies come into intense battle again, this time, a jeep with a turret will collide with you but you kill him. You will then meet another one of your battalions, and follow them. While you do so, you will come across an M4A1 rifle. Several soldiers lying dead have M4A1 rifles. You will now throw a grenade. And then another one at the jeep ahead of you. You will now retreat and be hit by enemy fire, an enemy helicopter comes and ejects a missile behind you, and destroys one of the tanks that you’ve just followed.

Now you’re moving into the building right in front of you. At this point, the game goes tactical. You meet with your comrades again, and see the news of New York being in shambles. You’re now in a broadcasting station. You go upstairs and enter a rubble’d building, you will now see helicopters moving through your eyes. You will now move into an office at the end, and you will see a breathtaking view of the Financial District with the american flag being held up. Once done with the area, you will go down the stairs.

In the previous video, this part promts the “In an interest of time…” But not in this trailer. It lets you go down the stairs, once at the bottom of the stairs, your comrade tells you to throw a 9bang. When you do it, the bomb starts exploding as if it was a firework. However, once you start to check out the scenary, it gives the “In the interest of time…” again. You’re back on the ground of the Financial District. This time you sneak through and pick up an AK47 with a grenade launcher and a special scope. We don’t know yet what it’s called this time. You move, and you will come across another familiar weapon: The AT4. Now instead of going up the ladder, you’re going into the lobby of the Stock Exchange. You will come across an opportunity to reload your weapon. From here, you’re going into an elevator shaft. You’ve now reached the Stock Exchange. You will now engage in an intense battle in the Stock Exchange room. You’re now to go to the roof of Stock Exchange.

Once you get to the second floor, you are going to use the scope to take out the remaining enemies in Stock Exchange. Once you finish, you will climb the ladder to meet the top of the Stock Exchange, from here, you see helicopters flying, with chaos ensuing all around you. You will now lounge your knife at an enemy and pick up an holographic P90. You will also come across a SPAS shotgun.

Finally, you reach the next destination, where you’re to arm the communications tower. Once it’s torched, it falls. Boom!

You battle against the enemies that lie in wait on rooftops, and afterwards, you’re going to be in an epic helicopter ride that ends with a frantic, an epic helicopter firefight, a series of them in fact. At this point the video ends with a helicopter hitting your helicopter, and your character is obviously pushed against the machine gun, and you see the helicopter crash and burn before your very eyes.

How you like it so far!?

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