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Diablo 4 gets Early Access and Open Beta in March

It has been a while since Activision Blizzard revealed Diablo IV (4) during BlizzCon 2019. Since then, Blizzard has been doing developer updates on the new Diablo game. Diablo 4 is said to be a crossover between Diablo III (3) […]


Blizzard set to release faithful Diablo II remaster in 2021

As I type this, Activision Blizzard is hosting an online event called BlizzConline, which is also known as “BlizzCon 2021.” It’s just that Blizzard is calling the event BlizzConline, rather than the usual “BlizzCon” live event. At the event, Blizzard […]


Diablo IV Revealed

Blizzard opened Blizzcon 2019 with two big announcements. The first announcement has been rumored for a while now. There were leaks about a possible “Diablo 4,” and it was supposed to be revealed at Blizzcon 2018. But it was forego’ed […]