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CODAW Reckoning’s Exo Zombies Descent revealed

Activision and Sledgehammer Games unveiled the fourth, and final downloadable content called “Reckoning,” with a teaser for Exo Zombies’ next episode, “Descent.” A new trailer was released to show off more about Descent, and how far Sledgehammer Games has taken […]


Advanced Warfare’s fourth DLC “Reckoning” arrives August 4th

It has been a long Summer for Call of Duty fans, the last time we heard anything about a new DLC, was in May. Supremacy was released to some fanfare because their favorite Modern Warfare 2 map was left intact […]


CODAW Supremacy’s Exo Zombies Carrier Gameplay revealed

Six days ago, on May 26th, Activision unveiled the first trailer of Advanced Warfare’s 3rd DLC, Supremacy. In that same trailer, they teased a little something for Exo Zombies fans: The next Zombies episode would be called “Carrier” and it […]


Advanced Warfare’s third DLC “Supremacy” arrives June 2nd

It has been a few months since Activision & Sledgehammer Games had anything to announce. In March, they released “Ascendance,” and since then, both companies have been teasing players with new features. Sledgehammer Games mysteriously added “M1 Irons” to a […]


CODAW Ascendance’s Exo Zombies Infection Gameplay revealed

Earlier this month, Activision let the cat out of the bag about their next DLC offering, “Ascendance.” A few weeks later, a gameplay trailer was released for the 2nd DLC, Ascendance. More recently, during the third day of Activision’s Call […]


Advanced Warfare’s “Ascendance” Gameplay Trailer released

Recently, Activision and Sledgehammer Games unveiled first details of Ascendance. Early this morning, Activision released the first gameplay trailer of Ascendance…


Advanced Warfare’s second DLC “Ascendance” arrives March 31st

It has been about 2 months since the release of the first DLC, and Sledgehammer Games is hard at work on another DLC release called “Ascendance.” Arriving on March 31st, first to Xbox Live, Ascendance introduces 4 new maps, a […]


Advanced Warfare’s Exo Zombies mode revealed

Ahead of Advanced Warfare’s worldwide retail release, Activision revealed the Season Pass for Advanced Warfare. Recently, Activision & Sledgehammer Games unveiled the first DLC, called “Havoc.” Sledgehammer Games has been quiet about Havoc’s Exo Zombies mode for quite some time. […]


Advanced Warfare’s first DLC “Havoc” arrives January 27th

It has been about 2 months since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hit store shelves, and Sledgehammer Games isn’t tired from the launch. In fact, they’re just getting started. On October 28th, they revealed the Season Pass for Advanced Warfare. […]


Advanced Warfare’s Co-Op mode unveiled

Activision revealed the new trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Co-Op mode. You, and 3 other players can join a Co-Op match, and start taking out enemies left and right. The Co-Op mode is called “Exo Survival,” and is […]