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Unable to Host or Join Private Games

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New Member
Me and a friend are trying to play Multiplayer but we are unable to invite one another to the lobby. We are both running Windows 7, using the non-steam version, and are able to connect to public games. According to Bulletstorm both of our NAT's are open and able to host games. Is there any recurring problem and corresponding fix for this issue. I thank you for your time and help in advance.

(I am aware there was a thread on the PC forum with a similar issue, however it was full of some very far off guesses as to the issue.)


New Member
I have the same issue on PS3. My NAT type was strict but got that changed to open but I cannot connect to any public matches. I tried hosting a match but nobody had joined after several tries so I started the match alone. It worked but I didn't last long... lol

Is there anything being done about the matchmaking because I really want to play some Anarchy mode.


New Member
Done that already. My NAT type is now open (PS3) so that isn't the problem. I got into my first Anarchy match 2 nights ago but last night I couldn't find a match again after trying for 15 minutes. I played some Echo mode and then tried again with no luck. Does anyone know if anything is being done about the extreme difficulty in connecting to Anarchy matches? Also it takes forever for my Echo mode scores to update. After every match it has to sit and update EVERY score, taking up to 3-5 minutes to do so... annoying.
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