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PSVita Ragnarok Odyssey Ace

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I <3 Innuendos.

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Game Arts

XSEED America​
GungHo Online​

PS Vita (PlayStation Vita) - Original
PS3 (PlayStation 3) - Ported

ARPG (Action RPG)

Release PS Vita
United States - RELEASED
Europe - Summer 2014

Release PS3
JAPAN - Aug 29 2013
United States - Q4 2013 (Winter)
Europe - Q4 2013 (Winter)


Game Specifications:
Availability: Retail / Digital copies
Genre: Action RPG
Multiplayer Features: Available - Cooperative
New Game Features:
  • New Weight Physics system (Hair, Bust, and various other areas are affected)
  • More overall content
  • Daily Quests (Increases replay value)
  • Cross-Play Multiplayer (PS Vita <> PS3)
  • Backwards compatibility with previous version expansions (DLC and Updates)
  • Gameplay improved: New Skills, Balancing, and Combo Strings.

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace is an extended version of Ragnarok Odyssey on PS Vita, Ragnarok Odyssey is an Action RPG involving fast paced combat and launching attacks as its attention grabber.
Ragnarok Odyssey features RPG systems like Weapon crafting, Armor crafting, Equipment Enhancement, Classes, and a deep sense of Cooperative Multiplayer.

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace is a bit different in that sense, Ace features all of the content from Ragnarok Odyssey including some extras like all the DLC, whether it was free or not.
Ace does more than that, including all the content from the previous version + DLC was not good enough for the developers instead the game was expanded and received a new Story Episode longer than the last.

Raganrok Odyssey Ace has many new enemies, armor, and weapons to earn throughout the game. Ace still goes further with extended combat with skills, and weapon grinding through a Tree Chart for proper evaluation of your skills.


Many new areas are within the new versions of the game, and even new characters have been announced that you will meet later on within the game. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace also includes another mode and over 100 new cards.



One of the new enemies was debuted in the trailer showing not only its habitat but this great Dragon's viciousness. Combat is restructured to have more than just some new skills but its even more fast paced and strategic.

Raganarok Odyssey Ace hits us/US this Summer.


Updates: Now listing the updates within the thread in chronological order for people who don't like searching the thread.


Notice: These links have been updated to take you straight to the corresponding Update post, please leave a like for my constant updating.
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Yeah, if it releases over here, I will just get this version rather than the current one with SS coming out.


I <3 Innuendos.
Yeah, if it releases over here, I will just get this version rather than the current one with SS coming out.
Looks like I will be supporting Gung Ho more than they know, buying the game a second time I already have the Mercenary Edition of the first game and I do not regret buying it the Stretegy Guide/Art book is amazing!

Here's me hoping for a Hrungrir Ice Giant THEMED VITA!!!


Active Member
Yeah, if it releases over here, I will just get this version rather than the current one with SS coming out.
yea but you will be a noob , it takes time to becone powerful, and the drop rate of powerful weapons is ridiculous. im hoping the save data will carry over to the new one .


Well-Known Member
yea but you will be a noob , it takes time to becone powerful, and the drop rate of powerful weapons is ridiculous. im hoping the save data will carry over to the new one .
Oh well. I'm not gonna waste money on it when no one will be playing it when SS comes out.


Well-Known Member
I bought the Mercenary Edition the first time, I loved the game but I see no reason to buy it again.


I <3 Innuendos.
well im gonna buy it regardless of purchaseing the previous addition for the extra levels and such , but like i said , i hope the save data carry over to ss
Hope they add new armor, because the content in the game goes out after awhile being that you can only equip sets.


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Come to think of it....they can't just patch the extra episode for current owners in dlc?

And there wasn't any talk of patchwork was there? because I'd had to see counter getting patched out.


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Come to think of it....they can't just patch the extra episode for current owners in dlc?

And there wasn't any talk of patchwork was there? because I'd had to see counter getting patched out.
yea i would much rather a dlc for current oweners. if the save data dont carry over to ss, im gonna be pissed , its taken me forever to farm my sunsword and to get the right cards for my ds build.


I <3 Innuendos.
Update: Tuesday, May 3rd 2013 - Western Central 10:20AM

GungHo Online Entertainment and Game Arts are working on a "G" version of Ragnarok Odyssey for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace lets players develop their weapons by clearing quests and you can choose how you weapons grow. When you’re hunting solo you can get a mercenary helper that’s somewhat customizable. You can choose your helper’s gender.

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace has new enemies like the Niohoggr, new skills, and Yggdrasil Tower which creates a dungeon for you to explore. Yggdrasil Tower has a multiplayer mode and a break floor after every five floors. GungHo Online Entertainment will also release daily quests to give players something to do everyday.

The game has been fine tuned too like adding traps for hunters, powering up healing magic for clerics and speeding up spells for mages.
Ragnarok Odyssey Ace is scheduled to come out on July 11.


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I would like to salute Dusean for always keeping us updated with the latest Vita news, don't have to look elsewhere but here to find what I need Vita-related. Thanks!


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"In the end, it wouldn't be fun for us to just release an expansion pack," explained director Kazuhiro Irie. "If we were going to make something that we were satisfied with, it had to be a full package worth paying a full price for. We're aiming for this to be the true Ragnarok Odyssey, a product that connects right to the next title."

As much as I want this and would love to support it, that is very disappointing to hear in my opinion.

It is very hard for me to pay $40 dollars for something that is not completely new. I mean in a way it is kind of crappy for early supporters of the original version also, I thought they would just add to it like an expansion which I thought would be great for the community overall to somewhat combine all versions especially if it had cross play.

I thought it was a good idea for when Soul Sacrifice comes out to kind of keep the RO community alive with more to do, but seeing as they have alienated all the people stuck with the old version or who won't really want to pay full price again for an enhanced version doesn't seem like the best way to go about it.

If they give me good trade in value for the old one, maybe I will think about it but if Toukiden is somehow announced to be localized before then it will make it even harder for me.

Still will be hard, I know everyone will be playing the crap out of Soul Sacrifice, I know I will be.
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