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PSVita Are Resistance and call of duty dead?

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gio tsiklauri

New Member
hi! I wanted to know is resistance Or call of duty declacified multiplayer dead ? Also which would you recommend me to buy? And also is killzone multiplayer dead? Any healp will be appreciated.


Active Member
Don't know about COD but Resistance MP seemed pretty dead to me when i tried to get my plat from it 7-12 month's ago.

Killzone should still have enough players to go around during right times of day.


New Member
I've got all three. (Resistance, CoD, and Killzone) CoD and Killzone almost always have lots of people in each game mode. I honestly think those two will keep going for a really long time. None of the games are dead (or dying) but Resistance is the only game where I have been in an empty lobby many of times. Also, its quite annoying in Resistance because you have to wait for at least six players to join the mixed game mode lobby if you want to play. All the other Resistance lobbies (Deathmatch, Survival, etc.) are completely dead.
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