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Microsoft trademarks “Series X” logo

When Xbox Series X was originally announced during The Game Awards (2019) event, Microsoft released marketing materials to go along with the announcement(s). The branding was generic at best. No one outside of Microsoft had any idea as to how Xbox Series X would be branded as or what the plans would be with regards to branding. Well, today, it was discovered that Microsoft filed a trademark for “Series X,” leading everyone to asking more questions: Are there going to be more devices? What is this?

Well, let’s take a look at it… (Here‘s the trademark listing, by the way.)

This looks like something you’d stamp on the box and say “Series X supported.” Though, this could also be part of the console’s box art styling, the game’s box styling, but what else? Who knows. We can speculate, though.

However, we won’t have to wait any longer, because rumor is that Microsoft is planning to reveal the “Lockheart” console, supposedly named “Xbox Series S” in May. Microsoft even discounted the Xbox One X console to $299 for stock clearance between now and the launch of Series X or while the supplies lasts.