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Doom Eternal gameplay shown and detailed

Bethesda hosted their 22th annual QuakeCon. QuakeCon 2019 started on July 25, 2019, and ends July 28, 2019. They host LAN parties, they host gameplay sessions, and developer panels hosted by Bethesda, id Software, and ZeniMax staff. One of those panels was “The year of Doom” which took place on Friday, July 26th. The biggest surprise from the panel was the announcement that they’d re-release the original Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3. Shortly thereafter, they demo‘ed Doom Eternal, but did not reveal much until the day after – and you can see the livestream embedded below…

Note: The keynote video above is the raw, unedited livestream of the presentation which features Q & A sessions of various Bethesda games, Doom Eternal’s presentation starts at the 1:00:00 mark.