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More information about Days of Play revealed

During a State of Play livestream, Sony revealed a lot of games, and one particular PS4 model. No one really understood what this “Days of Play” is, or what it entails. We got a little teaser of a Days of Play via a small trailer about Days of Play Limited Edition PS4 console, but that’s just about it. The limited edition Days of Play PS4 console comes with metallic emboss with some colors. It comes with the usual packaging, such as 1TB HDD, a matching controller DualShock 4 controller, and the usual HDMI/AC power plug for your PS4.

Today, Sony released a new trailer about Days of Play, but this time, it unloaded more information: Days of Play begins June 7, and ends June 17. This event allows PS4 owners to get PSVR bundles starting at $249.99, some PS4 games (God of War, Days Gone, and Spiderman are some examples) are now $19.99, some PlayStation Hits games are $9.99, and PS4 controllers are now $39.99.