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Black Ops 3 Weapon Camos LEAKED

11 out of 14 weapon camos for Black Ops 3 have been leaked. We cannot show you the in game screenshot due to copyright reasons but you can see them recreated below. We presume Gold and Diamond will be camo 12 and 13. It is still a mystery what will be the final camo.

These have come from the French version of the game so some translations may not be completely accurate.

black-ops-3-weapon-camo-danto black-ops-3-weapon-camo-decoy black-ops-3-weapon-camo-hotshot black-ops-3-weapon-camo-flectarn black-ops-3-weapon-camo-ash black-ops-3-weapon-camo-jungle-tech black-ops-3-weapon-camo-6speed black-ops-3-weapon-camo-brule black-ops-3-weapon-camo-burning black-ops-3-weapon-camo-intergue black-ops-3-weapon-camo-entier

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  • November 20, 2015
why i dont see gold and diamond camo on balck ops 3 xbox 360?