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Doom and Fallout 4 was met with controversy

Bethesda Softworks held their first-ever E3 Press Conference tonight. They revealed many blockbuster announcements that excited just about anyone that flowed into the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. Bethesda revealed two major games tonight: Doom and Fallout 4. Here’s the recap of the event, if you missed it…

Let’s start with Fallout 4, which seems to be one of the biggest conversation pieces tonight. Fallout 4 pits you in an open-world first and third person perspective – your choice. You are put into the middle of a nuclear bomb that wiped out just about every living thing. Everyone’s been waiting for Fallout 4 for what seems like an eternity. After Fallout 3, everyone’s been patiently waiting for a new Fallout title. For 7 years (Fallout 3 was released in October 2008), Bethesda Softworks has been hard at work on Fallout 4 in making sure the world that inhabits Fallout 4 is a live, breathing, living world. So, what’s the problem? Well, journalists and fans are duking it out about… violence. In Fallout 4, you get to shoot things, and be in combat with just about anything that seems “threatening” so to speak. The problem with this, is that some of the footage shows players being able to shoot at enemies, and blood squirts out. Albeit in small doses. It’s not as bad as say… Doom, which is going to be my next subject….

I’m excited about Doom, and likewise, Bethesda seems to have been listening to my feedback, suggestions, and whatnot. However, the members of the media have been discussing (ahem; complaining) about the violence. This is what the article is about.

First of all, Fallout 4 allows you to “scope in” and get a read on your enemy’s vitals, where to shoot them, and go into some sort of “bullet time.” For some journalists, this is considered “violent.” Because the screen is close to the blood being squirted out. Let me tell you something, journalists: That mechanic has been a staple, a trademark of the Fallout series. You take it away, you piss off the fanbase. The whole Fallout community. On top of that, some people are sensitive about animal cruelty. However, Fallout 4 seems to be about survival. And it’s evident from much of the footage shown. Some people complain that there should be more to Fallout 4 than combat, and shooting. Actually, it’s got variety, if you haven’t noticed that from the footage shown.

Second of all, Doom has always been a violent game. What’d you expect? For Bethesda to “lessen” the violence? Wait, wait, wait a minute… So, you mean to tell me that you want to take away what made “Doom” an iconic title in the first place? When I saw the chainsaw, I went wild. And then, I see the chainsaw literally cut monsters up, that tells me that the developers got the coding right. I was excited. We’re in a world where just about every gamer wants realism. We got it with Call of Duty, we got it with Grand Theft Auto, and now we’ve got it with Doom.

The one thing that gets me about this so called “controversy,” is where were these journalists when Mortal Kombat X’s fatalities were revealed? How is Doom any different from the many First Person Shooters that are out there? How is it different from the recently released Mortal Kombat X?

Somehow, I feel like these journalists want to limit developer freedom, somehow they want to push for no more violence in video games. I mean, really. Do they? Shut up, if so. You are the same people that makes producers like Hideo Kojima think twice about including The World Trade Center incident. You are the same type of journalists that gave backlash against Modern Warfare 2’s inclusion of the Airport scene, where you infiltrate as a CIA agent, into a terrorist organization.

We as an industry, haven’t grown up. And we need to. Now, what I am talking about is – let the developers do their thing. You preview or review the games. I for one don’t want a watered-down Doom title at the expense of journalists’ complaints.