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Doom Eternal continues the 25th anniversary of Doom

This year, Doom is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Doom Reboot launched in 2016. 1 to 2 years later, Doom Eternal was announced at E3 2018, revealed at QuakeCon 2018. At E3 2019, id Software blew the doors off the hinges […]


Doom and Fallout 4 was met with controversy

Bethesda Softworks held their first-ever E3 Press Conference tonight. They revealed many blockbuster announcements that excited just about anyone that flowed into the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. Bethesda revealed two major games tonight: Doom and Fallout 4. Here’s the […]


This is how the new Doom should be like…

In 2011, the team at id Software made many references to a possible “Doom 4” for months. I even wrote an article on July 20th, 2011, titled “How to revive the Doom franchise” based on the teasing, references to a […]