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Is the next Call of Duty title Black Ops 3 or World at War 2?

With Advanced Warfare out to retailers worldwide, some people might be wondering “What’s next for Call of Duty?” Those questions were answered with a bunch of leaks that purport that the next Call of Duty title is “World of War II.” However, I don’t think the final name of 2015’s Call of Duty title is World of War 2. Let’s investigate this!

WaW2 Tease
Does the image give us a clue? Is it World at War 2?

Before we start with speculation as to why I think the next title is Black Ops 3, let’s start with why it [COD 2015] should be a sequel to a pre-existing title. In two consecutive Call of Duty titles, Activision hasn’t been able to scale Call of Duty to the next level. In fact, the Call of Duty franchise has been on a decline. Call of Duty: Ghosts sold less than Black Ops 2, and while Advanced Warfare sold surprisingly well, that for the 6th year in a row, Call of Duty was the #1 entertainment launch of the year. While it did well, it still sold less units than BO2. If I recall correctly, I read an article saying it sold only [around] 18 million copies.

(Doing research: Advanced Warfare sold around 6 million on PS4. Across all platforms? Yep.)

Activision took a risk with Sledgehammer Games by betting on two veteran developers who worked on blockbuster titles, and put them on a journey: Build their Call of Duty team, and get the next game developed. 3 Years later, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is released, and players are enjoying their new game. The trust has been established, now Sledgehammer Games can build on the foundation they’ve set.

Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts was a failure for a lot of reasons, that I will leave to you why it failed. In general, Call of Duty: Ghosts was a test game for Infinity Ward. A demo, if you will.

Now, story-wise, both titles have one thing in common: The story is wiped clean, the plot is wiped clean, the cast of characters has been wiped clean. No returning characters with the exception of a few alternate reality characters. What I’m getting at, is that both games don’t have the momentum to jump off of. For example, the reason why Black Ops 2 was so successful regardless of the fact that it’s in a new generation of Call of Duty tech – is simple: The story arc is continuing. In other words, most of the characters were returning from Black Ops (and World at War). There is a continuance between all three titles, which allows the fanbase to anticipate, and rave about the game.

Advanced Warfare's Atlas operator
Rather than returning from Modern Warfare, he is an alternate reality.

Advanced Warfare escaped this because of the alternate reality character was included, along with Kevin Spacey’s help. The fact that Advanced Warfare looked gorgeous didn’t hurt, either. My point is; there needs to be some kind of continuance for the next Treyarch title.

So, why would Activision go for a pre-existing brand? I lay it out for you.

I’m going to start from the beginning so you understand where I’m coming from. Modern Warfare 3 continued the foundation laid out by Modern Warfare 2: Many characters returned, much of the plot has been carried over, and then there’s using the backstory of COD4. So, it’s easy to sell MW3 as a game. The only thing that kept the game from being a successful, breakout hit, was none other than the various glitches, bugs, and whatnot that still plagues the series in CODGhosts.

Modern Warfare 3 ended the story arc, so the only person left in the series is Captain Price. A lot of people wondered if Activision and Co. would re-visit the Modern Warfare franchise at some point. 2013 came around, and Activision let out some teasers by Sledgehammer Games, and let out leaks pointing to a possible MW4, turns out that the current IW team wanted a clean slate. Ghosts was born. And the game went on to become a blockbuster hit, however it backfired on them following the release because people wanted to return the game, spit on it, etc.

These MW4 teasers returned largely in 2014, including actual references by the Sledgehammer Games team a possible “MW4.” Turns out it was Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in May.

There are hints by Treyarch pointing to a Pearl Harbor campaign!
Well, if you look at the history of teasers by Treyarch themselves, you’d know that this is a tactic done before by them. When Black Ops 2 was coming out, there were a few images pointing to a possible 1980 Cold War campaign. Now, if you finish Black Ops 2, you’d know that – Treyarch took pieces of 1980’s campaign, and merged it into the story in Black Ops 2’s futuristic setting as part of the game’s way of foretelling BO2.

The story arc ended with Black Ops 2…
Oh really? So, you mean to tell me all three well-known characters died in Black Ops 2? They didn’t. In fact, at the end of Black Ops 2, if I recall correctly: Father and Son meets for the first time in what… 20 years? If anything, this brings me to my exact reason why the next game is possibly Black Ops 3. Advanced Warfare briefly explores this story, and I think with Treyarch’s ability to write a story… Treyarch can explore this kind of Father/Son relationship in a war.

Just an FYI for people who don’t remember:

If the player spares Menendez’s life, completes all of the Strike Force Missions, and the characters Chloe Lynch and Alex Mason survive the events of the game, then the preferred ending will result. The player will have secured an alliance between China and the United States, ending the Second Cold War. Lynch’s survival prevents Menendez’s cyberattack from succeeding. And finally, Alex’s survival allows him to visit Frank Woods in retirement, reuniting with David. The final scene shows Menendez in prison becoming enraged after watching a talk show with Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Lynch, who insults Menendez during the interview.

If Menendez is spared and Lynch survives but Alex Mason is killed in action then the Second Cold War will end and Menendez’s cyberattack will fail. David Mason will visit his father’s grave with Woods and decide to retire from soldiering. Woods comments that his father would approve of the decision.

If Menendez is spared and Lynch is killed, David will take Menendez into custody. The cyberattack will, however, succeed, allowing Menendez to escape. He then kills Woods in the retirement home before visiting his sister’s grave, dousing himself in gasoline and readying a lit match.

If Menendez is killed regardless of Lynch and Mason’s fate, a YouTube video that Menendez recorded earlier will air, inciting the civilian population to riot and burn down the White House.

Source: Wikipedia

Those are the two possibilities surrounding the duo.

Those of you who think the story arc ended with Black Ops 2, don’t know that based on the multiple endings. We don’t know which one is the ending that Treyarch is “championing” as the real ending.

Some images are pointing to a possible World at War 2..
Many early leaks of World at War 2 point to the same timeframe in which a Call of Duty title is revealed. I’m sorry, but most of these images are made by fans.

But.. But.. Microsoft [Canada] leaked Call of Duty: World at War 2!
That story was debunked by the “leaker” himself in a tweet that reads: “Earlier I posted an unofficial (not from Xbox) image to see what others think of it, not as an endorsement or tease. Sorry for any confusion.”

A well-known industry insider points everyone towards Black Ops 3…
I think this is the most logical confirmation about Call of Duty’s 2015 title. The insider said, and I quote: “Just remember what Treyarch’s big games are.” World at War 2 isn’t happening according to his sly hints.

He brings up a good point. Not only does he have a good track record of inside leaks, he has a good track record of confirmations, he also brings up a good point: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 sold really well, that it would be a illogical move not to bank on it. Consider what I said earlier: There needs to be continuance from pre-existing titles. Otherwise, the fanbase won’t care. They didn’t care with CODGhosts, and Advanced Warfare was evoked mixed reactions from fans. One thing is clear: Fans are universally skeptical of new sub-brands such as Ghosts & Advanced Warfare until they’ve played it.

Your Verdict? My verdict is that all signs point to a possible Black Ops 3.

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  • April 29, 2015
It is official, they will be releasing Black Ops 3!