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Dive Deeper into Advanced Warfare multiplayer

Sledgehammer Games is currently busy working on 2014’s Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare. The Multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was recently revealed during the Global Multiplayer Reveal event before GamesCom even starts. If you missed the Global Multiplayer Reveal event, don’t fret, you can catch it below…

Recently, Sledgehammer Games offered Call of Duty fans an even deeper look into Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer…

By default, your exoskeletons has these exo movements….

– Boost Jump: Allows you to double jump.
– Boost Dodge: Allows you to sprint and side-step.
– Boost Dash: Allows you to jump and maneuver in mid-air.
– Boost Slide: Allows you to sprint and crouch at the same time.
– Boost Slam: Allows you to jump in the air and smash your opponents.

Exo Abilities are little upgrades to your exoskeleton, but they come with loss of energy or comes with a cost.

– Exo Shield
– Exo Overclock
– Exo Stim
– Exo Cloak
– Exo Hover
– Exo Ping
– Exo Trophy System

Exo Launchers replace lethal equipment.

– Frag Grenade
– Stun Grenade
– Explosive Drone
– Tracking Drone
– Semtex
– Threat Grenade
– EMP Grenade
– Smoke Grenade
– Variable Grenade
– Spike Drone

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