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E32014 Live Blog – Advanced Warfare

As of right now, E32014 is taking place, and Advanced Warfare Blog is going to bring you live news, and info about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare right here!

From Microsoft’s E32014 Media Briefing:
– The video begins in a some sort of drop drone.
– There’s a visual display above soldiers to see where they’re going.
– Seems like they’re being able to control it.
– Your controllable drop drone crashes. You try to get out, and finally you do, but you’re treated to…
– A city in shambles.
– Upon your arrival, you’re seeing a stealth aircraft coming from the side of you.
– You’re thrust into a city stricken by concurrent war.
– You go into the building, you take out your weapon…
– Your weapon shows bullet amount on the actual decal itself, as if it is part of the whole technology.
– You make your way to an area where there’s a long drop, you jump in…
– …and land safely. (Thanks Exoskeleton!)
– You walk out of a city being in the middle of a war.
– You now see a few mechs that walk alongside you.
– Next thing you know, you’re going to a battle station and they direct you to a battalion position.
– Once done, you’re walking, and you see a sort of spider mech walking over your head.
– You’re now in the middle of a battle, and the game shows you [high] jumping.
– You’re now in the middle of a series of bombings.
– Out of nowhere, you see a swarm of sentinel-style drones. (Matrix style)
– Next thing you know, a PMC soldier grabs a door and takes it off… literally.
– Then you look for cover, and grab one yourself.
* In interest of time*
– You’re now in another area, occupied by another stealth aircraft..
– The visor shows you an area of PMC soldiers trying to do battle with you.
– You start doing a lot of stunts, and shows you strafing or sliding to the side..
– You go to some sort of shield, and start taking enemies down.
– You can cycle your grenade from default to another selection.
– One of your weapons has a heat signature attachment.
– Once you clear out enemies here, you’ve come to a scene with the aircraft.
– Soldier tried to hijack the aircraft, but door slams into their arm, you two get into an argument.
– Soldier pushes you off, and you’re treated to an exploded aircraft.
– Aircraft blew the debris, a scrap metal at you.
– Being rescued from explosion, soldier tries to help you up and you’re treated to a shocking conclusion:

Your arm is cut off! Soldier drags you away from scene, thus the Advanced Warfare briefing concludes here.

Advanced Warfare Video: This is the same campaign direct feed video from the Xbox @ E32014 livestream…

Activision updated their Call of Duty website with a new pre-order offer. Pre-Order Advanced Warfare, and get the Advanced Arsenal bonus. What is Advanced Arsenal, you ask? It’s a suit and weapon that you use in the game. The suit’s called Bullet Brass Exoskeleton, and the weapon is an EM1 Quantum Directed Energy weapon.

There’s a small glimpse of what looks like multiplayer footage in video below…