Nintendo brings a blockbuster E32021

Nintendo Direct E32021

After the slow kickoff by Geoff Keighley, and lukewarm E3 presentations done by a few companies, like Gearbox, and Ubisoft, the only silver lining so far was Microsoft with their “game announcements, after game announcements” presentation in a joint conference with Bethesda. Well, it seems that trend continues with Square Enix and Capcom. Today, Nintendo… Continue reading Nintendo brings a blockbuster E32021

Battlefield 2042 Multiplayer revealed

Battlefield 2042

Before E32021 kicked off, Electronic Arts and DICE unveiled their next Battlefield title: Battlefield 2042. The critical reception of the reveal trailer were mostly positive, that DICE has a momentum to jump off of. The next subject they wanted to know about – is there gameplay? How is the game like? Is multiplayer alive and… Continue reading Battlefield 2042 Multiplayer revealed

Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer revealed

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Reveal

Microsoft and Bethesda recently hosted a joint livestream. During that livestream, Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer was revealed with new information. Halo Infinite Campaign and Halo Infinite Multiplayer is separate. They both have a specific name to each physical game. I’m guessing you’ll need to pay the typical $60 for Halo Infinite (which has campaign, and multiplayer),… Continue reading Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer revealed

Microsoft and Bethesda announce new games during E32021

Xbox 20 Years

Microsoft has been busy in 2021, Microsoft announced that they would, and did actually complete the acquisition of Bethesda. They also released their latest game console, the Xbox Series X (and S). Today, under the new acquisition, Microsoft and Bethesda jointly held a livestream to announce not just Microsoft and Bethesda games, but also third… Continue reading Microsoft and Bethesda announce new games during E32021

UbiSoft put “Forward” a sneaky surprise or two

UbiSoft Forward Livestream

It has been a while since Ubisoft last did a livestream for any one of their games. Their last big release (or shall I say, sleeper smash hit) was Immortals Fenyx Rising, which was released for every imaginable platform on the market today: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch consoles, Google Stadia, and… Continue reading UbiSoft put “Forward” a sneaky surprise or two

Gearbox Entertainment’s E3 Livestream was lukewarm

Borderlands 3 Screenshot 1

It has been a while since Gearbox Softworks (or Gearbox Entertainment, as they’re referring themselves as) has announced anything about their games. Their last major release was Godfall for PS5, and before that, it was Borderlands 3. Geoff Keighley kicked off E3 2021 via his newly formed Summer Game Fest annual events. As of right… Continue reading Gearbox Entertainment’s E3 Livestream was lukewarm

E3 2020 is canceled

E32020 is Canceled and confirmed on Website has been shying away from any news reports regarding CoronaVirus (otherwise known as COVID-19) ever since it was spawned in Wuhan, China at the tail end of 2019 (December 2019 to be specific). And the reason for this is that this whole situation isn’t in my opinion “an accident.” It has a political component… Continue reading E3 2020 is canceled

Borderlands 3 Trailers from E3 2019

Borderlands 3 Screenshot 2

Borderlands has been on a roll with a reveal of Borderlands 3 and other tidbits. Borderlands 3 was at E3, but just kind-of flew under the radar during the event. And so, that’s what we’ll focus on today. Just remember, Borderlands: GOTY (Game of the Year) Edition is out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and… Continue reading Borderlands 3 Trailers from E3 2019

Destroy All Humans Remake arrives in 2020

Destroy All Humans Remake

For those of you who don’t know, Destroy All Humans! was a popular PlayStation 2/Xbox title that was released in 2005. It spanned a sequel, and a spin-off. THQ Nordic acquired the “Destroy All Humans!” trademark in 2013. THQ Nordic decided to create the remake, and announced the game during E3 2019. The remake does… Continue reading Destroy All Humans Remake arrives in 2020

Arcade1up to release TMNT and Marvel cabinets

Marvel Arcade1up

If you don’t know who and what Arcade1up are. After the resounding success, and the runaway success of mini consoles by major console manufacturers, more and more companies jumped in with their own interpretation of mini consoles. In 2018, Arcade1up shipped their first batch of mini-arcade machines. They were Pac-man, Asteroids, Galaga, Centipede, Rampage, and… Continue reading Arcade1up to release TMNT and Marvel cabinets