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Advanced Warfare is the final name of 2014’s Call of Duty title

A massive leak occurred recently. In the middle of the leaks, lies a deep-seated secret – the name of 2014′s Call of Duty title. The Call of Duty website was home to a mysterious acronym: COD AW. It was hidden underneath the site, if you looked carefully in the page source, you’d notice “COD_AW” in “COD_AW_Google_Header.” We all know that “COD” stands for Call of Duty, but what about “AW”? Well, we know that back in 2010, Activision registered the trademark for “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” but nobody knows or knew if Activision would be using “Advanced Warfare” or not – there was a another possibility: Call of Duty: Future Warfare.

Shortly thereafter, a teaser launched onto instagram…

In this particular trailer, an Xbox logo is shown, which gives us the first information about Advanced Warfare: Downloadable Content (DLC) hits Xbox branded consoles first – as per the Activision/Microsoft contract. Shortly thereafter, Activision came to a decision to reveal the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer ahead of the May 4th World Reveal. Enjoy!

What we know so far about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare going by the trailer above:

– The trailer was running on Xbox One hardware.
– Advanced Warfare seems to be a multiplatform Call of Duty title.
– Kevin Spacey plays a major role in the story.
– The game’s slogan is “Power Changes Everything.”
– Advanced Warfare’s release date is 11-4-14, which is November 4th, 2014.