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Get ready, world: It’s Call of Duty Time!

Activision and Co. has been rather busy with their world-tour of Call of Duty Ghosts, getting the message out about the game. But it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon… Activision has just begun its marketing strategy over the weekend. First, they unveiled the Call of Duty Ghosts Car in partnership with GameStop Corporation.

CODGhosts Car
The Call of Duty Ghosts Car in a NASCAR race

Shortly thereafter, they begun advertising Call of Duty Ghosts on TV, mainly marketed at basically “everyone.” These 6 videos are comedic skits about the various references to Call of Duty. If you missed these videos that just aired on TV – I mean, it’s all over the place!

Anyhow, here are the videos if you missed ’em…

First up, “Checkup.”

Secondly, “Dentist.”

Thirdly, “Dinner.”

The fourth, “Faboom.”

The fifth, “Night Shift.”

And finally, last and not the least: “Tea Time.”

For those of you who do not understand what “Tea Time” is referencing to – it’s to the popular action, tea bagging. It’s when a player has killed you, and makes a victory “hump” to your body in the game. Mostly, it’s an insult to injury.