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CODGhosts to have aliens?

Activision and Co. has been busy, and have their hands full with the on-going world tour. After taking veils off the CODGhosts Squad Mode, Drift0r – the same man that leaked the name of the next Call of Duty title to be named as CODGhosts – has done it again. This time, it’s not about a name, or anything… In fact, it’s about an entirely new Game Mode. Just when you thought Squads would replace Spec Ops, Infinity Ward turns the table and takes one out of a rabbit’s hat.

If this is true, then the CODGhosts logo, patch, whatever you call it…

COD Ghosts Logo
Call of Duty Ghosts Logo

Will go down as one of the most “well kept secret” in all of marketing. I mean, I thought that particular image above seems like a an ode to “The Dark Knight Rises” and Infinity Ward has said that the mask/patch is a fan service for those who loved “Ghost” from Modern Warfare 2. The “icon” is used as a marketing strategy on Infinity Ward’s part – but underneath that icon – we find out there’s larger secret in it all?

One thing for sure, this is all speculation until Activision confirms the information. However, I would believe this is real because not only did the reliable source leak the info, that person also released this image…

Extinction Mode Info Coming Soon
Info about Extinction Mode is coming soon.

And this image gives weight to the rumor…

Play Extinction
Play Extinction!

Are you ready to escape from aliens this November?

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  • October 21, 2013
it looks flippin awsome