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Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Live Stream & Blog

It’s that time. In just under an hour left before the Multiplayer Reveal of Call of Duty Ghosts! Activision, Infinity Ward, Raven Software, and NeverSoft will be on-hand for the Multipayer Event. The event is presented by Xbox, so naturally, Microsoft is sponsoring the event. The event is in Los Angeles, California. Tune in at 10:30am PST/PDT. If you’re on the other side of the world, the eastern time is: 1:30pm ET.

Here’s the YouTube LiveStream if you’re comfortable with YouTube….

Call of Duty Ghosts will be released for PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360 on November 5th, 2013, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be released alongside them.

I will be liveblogging the event as it happens. If you miss it, I will create a recap of the event. Stay here to learn more.

– 100 Million players across Call of Duty series.
– New Multiplayer HUD.
– New Scoring System.
– Killfeed is now on the upper right corner.
– PoinStreaks returns.
– KillStreaks is referenced throughout.
– Customize your player.
– “Create-A-Soldier”
– “Build-A-Squad”
– Customize Appearance.
– Girls are in!
– Hardscoping is realistically interactive again [Like Call of Duty 4]
– You can jump over obstacles. It looks interactive this time.
– It’s called Mantling.
– “Call of Duty Anywhere” includes Call of Duty Elite.
– 60fps (Frames Per Seconds)
– Leaning onto walls, and peaking your gun out (stealth) are in.
– Knifing is overhauled, you lounge, and it precisely attacks.
– New Weapons
– Marksman Rifle
– Dual Render Scope
– Squad Points are in.
– Squad Points are separate from PointStreaks.
– Perks are it’s own menu.
– Support, Specialist, and Assault Strike classes for Poinstreaks are retained.
– Squads is a new MP mode.
– Your loadouts can affect how you do in Squads.
– Cranked is a new MP mode.
– Search and Rescue is a new MP mode.
– Strike Zone is a new MP mode.
– Challenges are updated on the lower-left corner.
– Dynamic Maps are in Ghosts, but also in MP.
– Dynamic Maps will alter your strategies whether you directly affect it with your weapon, or your killstreak.
– Following Treyarch’s footsteps, Audio has been improved over the previous Call of Duty titles.
– Dynamic Sounds, one action will be heard from another player. And vice versa.
– Call of Duty Championship has been revealed to be sponsored by MLG (Major League Gaming) for 2014.
– eSports is focused into Call of Duty Ghosts. They even brought in competitive players to demonstrate that they care about the new growth of eSports.
– Mini results HUD is displayed on upper right corner during eSports mode.
– New win/loss screen.
– Your Call of Duty Elite account is your “Call of Duty Account” so if you’ve already registered a CODElite account, you have a COD Account.
– If you have a Xbox 360 (Xbox Live) account, you are automatically eligible for the Xbox One transfer.
– “Rally Up” communicate with your clan to meet up and play in Call of Duty Ghosts.
– Cross-Generation [Xbox 360 & Xbox One] battles and clans.
– Every MP match counts towards your clan points.
– Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass is in. 4 DLC Map Packs.
– A bonus “Team Leader” Digital Pack.
– CODGhosts Hardened Edition revealed
– CODGhosts Prestige Edition revealed (For more info, Read)
– Call of Duty Ghosts World Tour Revealed
– Every person who attended the CODGhosts MP Reveal is getting CODGhosts Prestige Edition
– Every person who attended the CODGhosts World Tour is getting CODGhosts Prestige Edition