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Xbox One revealed and detailed

Ever since the PlayStation Meeting in February, Sony’s PS4 has been taking over the internet. First whispers of a reveal for the next generation Xbox would start around late March, into April, then into early May, when Activision let it slip that they’d reveal Call of Duty Ghosts on May 21st, at Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal. That time had come, and gone. Microsoft revealed their next generation Xbox console as… Xbox One.

The basic Xbox One specs are:

– 8-core CPU
– AMD x86 architecture
– 5 Billion Transistors
– 8GB of System Memory (DDR3)
– Blu-Ray drive
– 500GB HDD
– Three USB 3.0 ports
– HDMI In/Out portsW
– Built-in Wi-Fi (802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct)

The basic Kinect 2.0 features are:

– 30 FPS color
– 1080P HD RGB camera
– Microphone Arrays
– Time of Flight (TOF) Technology
– Compatible with Skype calling and video conference.

A lot of the features in Kinect 2.0 can be done in the original Kinect for Xbox 360, however, most of the features have been improved. In fact, from the outset, from the ground up, Kinect 2.0 was designed with Xbox One in mind. The user interface was designed around the “all in one” entertainment mentality. Why? Because if you saw the actual reveal itself, you’d know. I digress, I’ll lay out the features…

– You can turn on your Xbox One with a single voice command: “Xbox On.”
– Xbox Home shows your most recent games, films, actions like skype calling, using apps such as Netflix and more.
– Xbox One has a guide area for networks much like channels on your cable provider’s DVR, cable box, or set-top box. You can also see what TV shows or films are trending from this guide, too.
– Taking advantage of Xbox One’s Kinect 2.0, you can “snap” two things at once; you can check the scores for your favorite sports team, or fantasy team, you can use skype at the same time you watch a film or TV show, you can jump from a game, then into a movie, or vice versa.

Some of the Xbox Live features are:

– Some sort of Game DVR. Xbox One will record some, most, or all of your magic gaming moments. This allows for bragging rights on Xbox Live.
– Better Xbox Live matchmaking, dubbed “Smart Match.” Microsoft says that developers can use this algorithm for player matchmaking. The way they worded it; the use of this Smart Match is up to the developers. They do not have to adhere to the Smart Match system.
– Achievements has been expanded much further. Xbox One records your most epic achievements, and will reward you in many ways.
– Your Xbox Live gamertag can and will be transferred from either Xbox, or Xbox 360. All of your achievements and gamerscore will be transferred over to Xbox One.

Xbox One is highly compatible with Xbox SmartGlass. In fact, SmartGlass was built from the ground up to work with Xbox One. Everyrthing you do on SmartGlass can be seamlessly done on Xbox One. It’s that native.

The Xbox One will not:

– run without a Kinect 2.0 device.
– be backward compatible with Xbox 360 titles.
– allow for removable hard drives.
– require “always on” connection. In other words, you do not need to have a constant internet connection. However, Xbox One does require an internet connection. And you will have benefits if you are synced up.
– allow used games, or pre-owned games. Right now, there’s a lot of mixed messages straight from Microsoft on this aspect. Microsoft says you can trade in or resell your games, but when you go to a friend’s house with your disc, the system itself will ask for a fee to play the game, thus eliminating second-hand sales of your actual disc.

Microsoft says that they designed Xbox One to require you to install the game before playing the game. Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb clarified with his own blog, that if you do indeed go to your friend’s house, you’d need to log into your Xbox Live profile to “bypass” the fee.

Microsoft went on the record to say that they have more in-house exclusives being developed for Xbox One than any console in [Team] Xbox’s history. Microsoft touts 15 exclusives being developed for Xbox One right now at Microsoft. 8 of those titles are new intellectual properties (IP’s). Microsoft took this opportunity to unveil the newest entry in the Forza franchise…

Other Xbox One titles are:

– Quantum Break
– FIFA Soccer 14
– Madden NFL 25
– NBA Live 14
– EA Sports UFC
– Destiny
– Assassin’s Creed 4
– Watch Dogs
– Theif [4]
– Battlefield 4
– Call of Duty Ghosts [CODNet article]

Xbox One will go on sale worldwide later this year. No date, no price, and no plans has been revealed thus far. More info should arrive at E32013 starting on June 11 through June 13th, 2013.

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