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First Call of Duty Ghosts gameplay details

It’s been a while since the first Call of Duty: Ghosts leak. In that leak, there were first talk of multiplayer gameplay. Then, many websites started talking about new multiplayer mechanics that may be released into the next iteration of the Call of Duty series. [Source]

What we know about Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay thus far:
– Allegedly to be set in the future.
– Will use present-day weaponry.
– Spec Ops mode will be replaced with something else.

New player options…
– Players can slide forward.
– Players can take a peak around the corners.

New loading screens…
– Will be dynamic.
– Will allow you to rappel from helicopters.
– Will allow you to breach and clear.
Sounds like a next gen game to me.

Other websites are saying:
– You can slide forward with your knees.
– When in prone position, you can roll to the side.

Since Call of Duty has been confirmed, these are new information:
– Single player will have some destuctible environments.
– Maps in Call of Duty Ghosts will be more interactive.
– Call of Duty Ghosts will feature traps.

Source: NowGamer

More information is to come soon.