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Black Ops 2 Free Weekend Launching Friday for PC


PC gamers will be able to try out Call of Duty: Black Ops 2‘s multiplayer for no charge this weekend. Steam is hosting a free play event for the next three days.

Black Ops 2 depicts a near-future in which China and the United States are locked in a new Cold War. Players wield a number of cutting-edged gadgets microwave turrets and x-ray scopes. By racking up killstreaks, they can call in land or air drones.

The competitive multiplayer for Black Ops 2, as with other Call of Duty games, features a deep progression system. Players can unlock weapons, perks, and items by leveling up. A new “Pick 10” system allows players to customize their loadout in a number of ways.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 also includes a single-player campaign with new strategy-based Strike Force missions, and a branching storyline. The third pillar of the game is the co-op Zombies mode. Both of these sides of the game are inaccessible until you actually make a purchase, though.

Black Ops 2 will be free to play until Sunday at 1PM PST. During that time, the game has been marked down for 33% if you want to purchase the full game. The discount applies to both the standard and digital deluxe edition. The latter includes the Nuketown Zombies and Nuketown 2025 bonus maps, a copy of COD: World at War, BO2‘s soundtrack and several in-game items.

If you want to know more about the game before spending any time or money on it, check out our review from this fall.

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