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PlayStation 4 revealed and detailed

After months, weeks, years of speculation. Little whispers here and there, PlayStation 4 is real, and it’s coming. In January 2013, Sony hyped up an event called PlayStation Meeting 2013. What originally started as an investor meeting, turned into a massive media invite to major press companies, websites, and journalists. As the date gets closer, and closer, rumors kept getting louder that there’d be a PlayStation 4 reveal. And it actually happened.

Go ahead, see the future of PlayStation!

PlayStation 4 will feature a single processor, custom-made chip. As opposed to PS3’s Cell, where there are one PPE, and eight SPE’s. PS4 will also feature a CPU that’s designed by AMD, which is codenamed “Jaguar.” It is an 8-core 64-bit chip, part of AMD’s x86 architecture. The graphics engine will run on a next generation Radeon GPU, it can handle 1.84 TFLOPS.

PlayStation 4 will feature industry-leading memory technology GDDR5, with a staggering 8GB of memory. No further detail about whether it’s unified, or split between tasks. Some are saying it’s unified, and runs at 176GB/s.

A lot of people are reacting positively towards this piece of spec, as far as the general gaming community is concerned. There were rumors stating that PS4 would feature only 2GB and 4GB GDDRx (x for generation of GDDR), while Microsoft’s Xbox 720 (Codenamed Durango) would feature 8GB GDDR5.

Hard Disk Drive is built-in. No further details about HDD’s has been revealed thus far, possibly saved for E32013 or beyond.

As for read-disc speeds, it’s as follows…

Optical Drive:
– Can read DVD’s at 8xCAV
– Can read Blu-Rays at 6xCAV

Just for reference: PS3’s Blu-Ray player runs at 2xCAV. Which includes compatibility of DVD’s, and older PlayStation discs such as first and second generation PSX, and PS2 games.

Accessories announced so far…
DualShock 4 has been announced. It’s one of the biggest overhauls that will come out of the PlayStation brand since DualShock came out. The features are pretty much hidden from your eyes, but the changes are there. Underneath the shell, there’s Bluetooth 2.1, for a much speedier wireless connection between your controller and the console itself. Much like PlayStation Vita, there’s a ‘touch pad’ of sorts. There’s gyroscopes, which Sony is calling it SixAxis since PS3/DualShock 3. There’s rumble, there’s lithium-ion, and USB. The USB connectivity in PS4 is upgraded this time around, to include USB3.0.

New features are: Share button, light bar for indication reasons (such as telling a player from another, or when your character is low in health), a speaker, a monophone jack, and an option button, not to be confused with the PS Button.

PlayStation 4 Eye has been announced, but not a lot has been announced so far. One can speculate that it will behave pretty much like the original PSEye, and Xbox Kinect.

Okay, so, what about the games, man…
One of the biggest announcements to come out of PlayStation Meeting 2013 is none other than Bungie’s new game, called “Destiny.” It’s a multiplatform game. So, you’ll see it on Xbox 360, PS3, and next-generation consoles such as PlayStation 4…

Another blockbuster announcement would be from Blizzard, one half of the merger of Activision Blizzard powerhouse. Blizzard is known for World of Warcraft today, but they also brought into our world Starcraft, and Diablo. At the PlayStation Meeting, Blizzard announced that Diablo 3 would be ported over to PS3, and the upcoming PS4…

While a lot of people were anticipating Destiny. KillZone: ShadowFall came out of PlayStation Meeting as both a surprise, and a showstopper. Set 30 years after the conclusion of the original KillZone trilogy, there’s a huge war breaking out…

Other games are:
– Infamous: Second Son
– The Witness
– Driveclub
– Watch Dogs
– Knack
– Deep Down
– A new Final Fantasy title

PlayStation 4 will arrive Holiday Season of 2013. Are you ready!?