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PS4 and Xbox 720 impact on ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4’ sales revealed

Dennis Durkin has revealed the potential impact the PS4 and Xbox 720 may have on the sales for the next “Call of Duty” video game, which will presumably be called “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.” According to a report from Latinos Post on Feb. 8, the CFO of Activision believed that the launches of the next-generation systems make it more difficult for them to forecast the future. He also predicted that “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4” won’t sell as well as “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.” The comments from Dennis Durkin can be found below (courtesy of Latinos Post):

There is increased volatility this year due to the ongoing console transition, which makes predicting the future more challenging than during normal years in the cycle. For Call of Duty, consistent with our past practices, we are planning for the mainline release in Q4 to be down versus 2012

“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” was released for the Nintendo Wii U, PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America in late 2012. You can order the first-person shooter in the following link: “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”

Activision will be releasing “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4” in late 2013. The PS4 and Xbox 720 are expected to launch at around the same time.

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  • February 12, 2013
They should made the new black ops 3. For the new Console. I'm in love whit you black ops. I am always going to be your big fan. Lol;)