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Street Fighter x Mega Man announced

Throughout 2012, Street Fighter has been celebrating it’s very own 25th anniversary. This month, Mega Man begins celebrating his 25th anniversary, starting from December 17th, 2012 to December 17th, 2013. On December 8th, Capcom announced that they’d be bringing out Street Fighter x Mega Man to commemorate Mega Man’s 25th Anniversy on December 17th, 2012 as a free PC download. Check out the teaser trailer of SFxMegaMan!

How’d this come about, you ask? A fan approached Capcom’s Christian Svensson at EVO 2012. According to Capcom…

Best of all, this is a true collaboration between Capcom and its fans. Singapore superfan Seow Zong Hui (maybe you’ve seen his Dhalsim skills?) approached our own Christian Svensson back at EVO 2012 with the skeleton of SFxMM running on a laptop. Seeing the potential and serendipitous opportunity, Sven shared it with GregaMan and I a week later. We evaluated (aka played to death) it and said uh yeah, this is pretty damn cool. Then it all started coming together.

In any case, in order to get Street Fighter x Mega Man, you have to download it from Capcom Unity/Mega Man page.