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Modern Warfare 3′s fifth Elite Drop is a good entry.

Activision has been busy maintaining interest in MW3’s new multiplayer mode called “Face Off.” With Face Off, you duke it out in small maps through 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, or 3 vs 3 small team matches. In this batch of Elite Drops, there are 3 Face Off maps, and one Spec Ops mission. These maps dropped on PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 owners with a Call of Duty Elite subscription, and I played ’em all.

U-Turn (Face Off): This takes place in a highway that’s bombed to shreds. Leaving most vehicles in gridlock. Sounds like a good sniper map, except it’s not. Mostly because most of the vehicles that are on the actual highway can obscure your vision to your enemy. Among them vehicles is a Tank. Not an ideal camping map. Don’t bother, I already tried it. The map is simple, but I think it’s too simple for what it’s trying to do. It’s easy for enemies to find you rather than the map encouraging you to be tactical.

I think of all the maps this is the most poorly designed map design yet. There isn’t variety, in fact, the most popular location in the map is the tunnel in the middle of the map.

Vortex (Face Off): This map puts you into a small town that’s about to be swallowed up by Tornados. If you were a fan of COD4’s Overgrown or Downpour, you’ll feel right at home with Vortex. There are some frustrations with the map, but otherwise, it’s a balanced out map.

Intersection (Face Off): I dunno about you but I think this map should’ve been expanded a bit further to be a multiplayer map, not a Face Off map. Definitely a lot of variety. It’s a shame this is a Face Off map because variety of players actually use the environments. A very modern map that’s not being utilized in a good, positive way.

Arctic Recon (Spec Ops): This is an innovative way to start off a Spec Ops map, but we’ve seen a lot of these “go into ship and take out bad guys” type of campaign or Spec Ops maps a little too much for this to even be remotely memorable.

If you’d like to know how I felt about all of the maps that have been released thus far, here they are: First Drops Piazza and Liberation, and Second Drops Overwatch, Black Box, Black Ice, and Negotiator. I have recently released my impressions of the Third Drops Foundation and Sanctuary. Fourth Drops Face Off maps.

Stay Tuned for more impressions of Modern Warfare 3′s maps in coming weeks and months. The content drops so far are part of the content season that Activision is holding throughout the entire year.