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MW2’s Terminal coming to Modern Warfare 3 for free

When Face Off was released on Xbox 360, someone found Terminal in MW3 files alongside Oasis, Lookout, Aground, etc. The Executive Producer at Infinity Ward went on the record with Twitter users about Terminal. Comment after comment, they continue to tease MW3 players about Terminal. Infinity Ward was aiming for a June release for Terminal, and will be updated a little bit here and there. Users have made tweaks so that they can freely play in a Terminal match within’ Modern Warfare 3. iHCJames managed to get into a private match of MW2’s Terminal. It clearly shows Terminal in action on Modern Warfare 3. In any case, you can take a first look into Terminal’s entry into Modern Warfare 3!

What do you think so far? Is there any other map that you’d like deployed on Modern Warfare 3? COD4’s Crossfire please!

  • D
  • June 30, 2012
for free?!?!?!.. it is about time we got something for free!
  • M
  • July 1, 2012
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