New Street Fighter x Tekken Trailers for PSVita from E32012

Capcom recently posted at lot of Street Fighter x Tekken videos in light of E32012. The first video, Capcom re-uploaded a video that was posted, but it’s been re-uploaded for compliance with ESRB. Because, ya know, ESRB is very vigilant on sweet nothings.

I mean, really? What was so violent or offensive about the old video? Too mature for the kiddies? Alright, okay! Moving along now. June 4th was a busy day for a lot of companies, that includes Capcom. In the first trailer, it features Guy, and Cody from Final Fight, and Street Fighter Alpha series respectively.

The second trailer features Bryan, Jack, Lars and Alisa. They’re all from the Tekken side of the equation, as they’ve appeared in Tekken in one shape or form. They show off their moves.

And then, at the end the day, Capcom released the PlayStation Vita trailer of SFxTekken…

“Who will come out on top?”
“Who will taste victory?”

Special PSVita version of SFxTekken features:

– Color customization: Customize colors for your characters.
– Touch screen acts as your controls for customization of colors.
– Battle Tap: Customize your touch controls with ease.
– Move the panel anywhere on the screen; making moves easy for your play on PSVita.
– Your super meter can be touched and commanded to suit your move style.

There’s a huge bit at the end about Street Fighter’s 25th anniversary celebration.