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Black Ops 2 E32012 trailer

At Microsoft’s E32012 press conference, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 took center stage, and was presented by Microsoft’s President of Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattric. As reported before, Black Ops 2 takes place in the future, specifically in the year 2025. Although the game’s setting takes place in the future, the single player campaign also features settings taking place in the 1980’s only to give some kind of backstory. Well, Black Ops 2’s single player mode was presented at Microsoft’s conference with a lot of cool gameplay.

Here’s what we know so far:

– You’re sitting next to the president of the United States. It’s a woman.
– You’re about to be deployed to the heart of the Civil War between U.S. and China.
– Only to be hit with a surprise attack on the bridge earlier than expected.
– The location is indeed downtown Los Angeles, the SAME area as L.A. convention center the primary home of E3.
– This operation is codenamed “Section” but Project P.O.T.M.S is probably the name of the Squad and/or P.M.C being sent to this mission, or is the name of the mission.
– It’s confirmed that you will be using your Mobile PDA to track where you need to go.
– More adrenaline-pressured battles; enemies and aircraft will attempt to kill you first thing you get out of your Humvee. I have a feeling the game will crank up difficulty level as time rolls on.
– In exchange, your single-player vehicles will help you through the game, such as the future tanks that will launch more than one missile at a time; lock on, and load!
– A new sniper rifle from the future is revealed, and it will be able to show you the enemies in bright white color, and it will allow you to shoot through walls, cars, and what have you.
– The sniper rifle’s reload speed is slow and it tells you when it’s ready on the right side HUD.
– “In interest of time” returns, and it moves you into the ground this time.
– Not only are the environments refreshingly new, it’s very detailed. I see a lot of creativity from Treyarch in here.
– Your mobile PDA can tell the quadrotor to attack in front of you, as it emits a blue light to signal where to attack.
– Then, for a bit, you’re at a scene where the building collaspses in front of you and you can barely see. Until you see an aircraft; you can use it!
– You’re to protect your P.M.C troops, and whoever else is considered “Collateral Damage.”
– Then you’re treated to some enemies who are in their own aircrafts, and you chase them.
– Demo comes to an abrupt end.
– DLC is going to Xbox Live first as usual. [source]