Modern Warfare 3′s second Elite Drop is a good entry.

I reviewed the first batch of Elite Drops recently, as Activision continues the MW3 Content Season this year. In February, only one map was released and it’s called Overwatch. In March, three maps were released. Black Box was the only multiplayer map, and they bundled two Spec Ops missions with this drop; Black Ice, and Negotiator. Well, they’ve all been released onto PlayStation Store, and I went and downloaded them with my ever so nice Call of Duty Elite pass.

MW3 Multiplayer Drops:

Overwatch: You’re going to be a-top a high-rise building that’s under construction. It’s a good map for all types of gameplay, but like Highrise in Modern Warfare 2, you’re going to have to be worried about campers and snipers all around. The problem with the map is that the middle of the map cramps your style. You won’t see a lot of snipers on any side of the squared circle, instead, you’ll find them rushing through the sides. The only mode[s] that’s perfect for this map is domination and other team modes. Forget trying FFA in here, forget trying Kill Confirmed here. Forget it. This is obviously a team-based map.

Black Box: In this map, you’re in the streets of a suburb. Where the president’s U.S. aircraft crashed into. This map is better. You will find all types of players in this map. And likewise, players use all types of locations in Black Box. You’ll find campers, run n’ gun, snipers, strategic players, you name it. But what I do see more of in this map is players actually move. In my opinion, I think it’s a varied map, and I love it. It’s only problem is that a bit, too much. A lot of the buildings have many rooms. Not everyone is going to be able to memorize the map entirely.

MW3 Spec Ops Drops:

Black Ice: This is not “just another Spec Ops map.” Quite on the contrary, in fact, this is one of the most unique DLC I’ve seen yet for a first person shooter. Sure, you may have played this type of snowmobile chase in Modern Warfare 2, but it is still unique for a DLC. You are going to be in the ice-cold snow this time, and you’re on a snowmobile rushing through the cliffs. These cliffs offers you two paths to duke it out with your foes. It’s all fast and furious in here.

Once you’re finished with evading your enemies and killing them off… You will come to a stop. From here, you’re going to go inside the cave and battle it out with your foes.

Negotiator: This is also another unique map but only because you start out with no weapon. You need to steal it from the enemy in front of you, and you have to act fast before another hostage in front of you is killed. From here, the game puts you in a cat and mouse race for rescuing other hostages. Not only do you have to be fast, you need to be precise in order to keep your hostages safe. I dunno about you, but I think that’s unique.

Stay Tuned for more impressions of Modern Warfare 3′s maps in coming weeks and months. The content drops so far are part of the content season that Activision is holding throughout the entire year.