Lost Planet 3 takes you back into the cold this winter

Lost Planet has been a series that has a following of it’s own, but is faced with acceptance from critics, fans, and newcomers alike. The displeasure have more to do with the various problems in Lost Planet and it’s sequel, Lost Planet 2. The first game suffered a lot of development problems and it showed. Lost Planet 2 fixed a lot of the problems in the original, but then Capcom made a few bad decisions here and there, including the idea of a save point in long distances or areas, making it hard for you to stop and return later. It’s either you finish the area, or not at all. Which is a shame because I felt that the game had some promise. I previewed the game at E32009 and it was awesome from what I played. Well, it looks like Capcom isn’t giving up on the series, at all. I commend them for that. You’re going back into stormy, ice-cold planet once again, and this time you’re not alone!

I hope it’s good this time around, and it’s shaping up nicely.