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More Street Fighter x Tekken Trailers

In the last article, there were little teasers for SFxTekken. A few months ago, at the New York Comic Con, Capcom showed off some Street Fighter x Tekken videos. The first video is below:

It starts out with Ken and Ryu at each others’ throats, again. Kazuya joins the fight along with Nina. Cammy and King duke it out in an exchange of blows. Ryu and Guile throws fireballs in several draws until they stop. Those battles will never bore a fighter.

Bob and Sagat wrestle for supremacy. Hwoarang shows off his slick power kicks. Chun Li shows her thousand kicks to Kazuya. Yoshimitsu shows off his legendary spinning, sword-swiping techniques to Poison, but Raven joins the fight on Yoshimitsu’s behalf as well. Julia joins some fights and struts her stuff. Julia tags Lili to close out the video.

The next video shows off the various moves, and how to do them. The Gem mode is a massive learning curve for deeper fighting fans. And trust me, it does have a learning curve…

There’s a PlayStation Vita version of the game on the way. To learn more about how PlayStation Vita feels and play, check out my article about the system here.

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