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Behind the Scenes with Weapon Progression

One of the things that has been the stable of the Call of Duty series is on-the-fly weapon customization. You could put a Red Dot Sight on a MP5 in COD4, you can put a camo on that MP5. In Modern Warfare 2, you can put a silencer on an intervention even though that you already put a special scope in already. But what about weapon upgrades? In real life, it’s possible to adjust your sniper rifle to be able to see 50 feet from your position. Modern Warfare 3 addresses this directly by not only allowing you to upgrade your weapon through stats upgrades, but also through proficiency classes. These classes help the type of proficiency you’ve selected become more …mature. We all know that “practice makes perfect.” This was true in COD4, it wasn’t in MW2, the developers of MW3 want you to be a better player by helping along your proficiency.

Without further ado, the behind the scenes video of Weapon Progression. Enjoy!

We are days away from Modern Warfare 3 worldwide launch! It’s getting closer, and closer, ladies and gentlemen!

P.S. Notice, that in the video, you’ll see new maps…

You can see multiple times that a three killstreak is a care package. Do you think he has hardline on? Also, bouncing betties are gonna be awesome. Can't wait for the release.
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  • November 1, 2011
Thank you, very much for this video.