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Street Fighter x Tekken Promotions

At Capcom’s annual Captivate event, Capcom hyped up characters that would be in Street Fighter x Tekken. Keep in mind, while they’re promotions, there’s a story to each one.

First up, Kazuya and Ryu fights it out, while revealing that Nina is in the game. Some gameplay footage is shown. Ryu and Ken is next, then some gameplay is shown. Guile and Abel appears and some more gameplay is shown. Then Marduk and King is shown, more gameplay shown. Finally, everyone’s favorite babe Chun-Li is revealed, and she struts her martial arts stuff! Bob takes center stage now, and more gameplay is shown.

Chun-Li and fellow military soldier known as Cammy starts off this trailer. Now it is followed by reveals of Bob, and Julia. In this trailer, Capcom showed off how a super move and K.O. looks like at the same time. Then lots, and lots of gameplay footage ensue. Sagat takes center-stage and struts his stuff. Hwoarang takes the spotlight and shows off his moves.

At Comic Con, Capcom wasted no time hyping Street Fighter x Tekken, even though there are a lot of controversies surrounding the company’s various business decisions. None the less, Capcom released a new trailer. Sagat and his hometown neighbor Dhalsim starts the trailer off to a crazy start. Hwoarang and Steve shows off their fighting skills in a Las Vegas casino. Next up is Poison, whose sexual orientation is questionable at best. She shows off her fighting style with flair. Yoshimitsu finishes off the trailer with his sword swipes and stylish action.

Are you ready for action with Street Fighter x Tekken?

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