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45 minutes of MW3 footage from GameSpot

GameSpot always brings out exclusive footage before anyone else. At Call of Duty XP, it was no different. They were on-location to bring us the low-down of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. But what’s so sepcial about this “trailer” is that they spent 45 minutes with Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. That is what you want, right fans? Righty so!

The footage features commentary of the multiplayer segment by Activision Executive Producer Mark Rubin and Associate Producer Vince Fennel. Enjoy!

What we see so far:

The multiplayer map we’re now seeing is “Village” and it looks like an African location; since most of the characters are black – meaning more diverse characters
The perks looks revamped; the icons are different than COD4, MW2, Black Ops, etc.
Sleight of Hand returns
Hardline returns
Stalker is in, and it’s a perk
Scavenger returns
Overkill returns; new icon
Steady Aim returns
If you get hit hard; your screen flashes red, with some splashes of blood
Directional UAV returns
Kill Confirmed earns you 50 points per kill and collection of dogtag
If you collect someone else’s dogtag, you still get the 50 points; it shows at 4:12 or so – It’s not limited to just who you kill, but those who have just fallen in your team
Think of it like team deathmatch and a little bit of sabotage but with the scavenger perk
UMP45 returns; rapid fire returns
They gave the first look at the multiplayer weapon select screen
When you select a weapon type, it shows what kind of weapon to expect from that group
It shows what challenges you at least completed, and gives you the option to show that weapon’s challenges a-la COD4
6 Weapon classes in all: Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and of course; Riot Shield
There are Weapon Proficiency classes, too.
6 classes in all:
Kick – Reduces recoil when firing
Impact –
Attachments –
Focus –
Breath – Holds your breath while aiming down the sights (ADS)
Stadility – Reduces your sway while aiming down the sights (ADS)
These “proficiencies” will be stacked alongside your overall perk list when you are getting ready to roll, or when the killcam comes on
They tried another level, called “Resistance”
Assists earn you 10 points each
Marksman is actually a perk
DeathStreaks returns; Juice is a deathstreak that allows you to move a little faster once you spawn
You have 0:06 seconds to use the deathstreak
Offense returns
AC130 returns
3 Strike Packages available: Assault, Support, Specialist
Each package type allows you to chain your killstreaks; there wasn’t a name for them in MW2, it’s called “Strike Chain” in MW3
Much like weapons, you can upgrade your killstreaks with ‘at least’ completing challenges; it also allows you to see what challenges you unlocked
You can choose which “strike chain” to use in your weapon class selection once you start a game, but it has to be set with your weapon class before you start a game
Each of your weapon is upgradable via levels of weapon proficiency.
Payback returns; once you die the money comes out just as in MW2
Blast Shield is in; not to be confused with Juggernaut KillStreak or Riot Shield – Blast Shield is a protective shield perk
Buzzkill is 250 per kill
You can change sights from top to bottom – I mean, if you have two different sights on top of one another, you can change the sight type just as you could switch on and off sights – it’s not limited to just how many attachments you have on rack of your gun, you can have a scope and a Red Dot Sight (RDS) attachment, too
Paybacks are 250 per kill
Comebacks are 150 per kill

Stay tuned for more as we get closer and closer to the release of Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3 Blog is not done with information. We’ll have more. Much, much more!

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