Black Ops’ Map Pack 3 is Annihilation

Call of Duty Black Ops
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Well, after the release of First Strike, and Escalation. Call of Duty fans were expecting it, and they’re getting it. It started out as a leak through youtube, which you will soon learn. The Map Pack was originally thought to be “Retaliation.” As you can see, it is shown via an Xbox Live user who found it as a glitch.

A very popular Call of Duty: Black Ops site called Digital Warfare 24/7 broke the story to the world when they stumbled across a GameStop promotional poster, but another website got a-hold of a better picture:

Black Ops: Annihilation
Call of Duty: Black Ops Map Pack 3

Notice that the poster shows the exact date for the launch of Black Ops’ new Map Pack: June 28th, 2011. That’s roughly a week from now. This means an announcement is just around the corner.

There seems to be 5 maps included in this map pack: Hangar 18, Drive-In, Silo, Hazard, and an extra map for Zombie fans. Are you ready to back into Black Ops again?

Another thing to consider is that this Map Pack seems to coincide with upcoming Call of Duty Elite beta coming in July. [MW3Blog article] CODElite applies to Black Ops, in fact, the beta will work with Black Ops, and the full launch of the service will go live alongside MW3 release.

Just remember, the Map Pack will release on Xbox Live first. Microsoft and Activision signed a multi-year contract. [article]

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