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Late Night with Jimmy Warfare 3

Robert Bowling spent the weekend answering questions about MW3. [article] He says that the Spec Ops mode is the mode with the most improvements. A lot of websites are getting a hold of information and some impressions of MW3′s new and improved Spec Ops mode. Bowling also said he’ll get some new Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops gameplay ready, some are below, and there’s more to come.

Robert Bowling went on-stage of Jimmy Fallon to show off MW3’s new survival mode. It is below, Enjoy!

That is a few minutes of raw Spec Ops Survival Mode gameplay. You will notice that the character is holding a pistol – presumably a new type of pistol, and you will also notice that a Model 1887 laying on the ground. One of the first things confirmed is that instead of not knowing how many waves and how many enemies to expect, it shows the information on the lower left corner. A leak speculates that there will be 5 survival modes for Spec Ops.