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Call of Duty: MW3 Confirmed!

There are 4 different companies working on COD MW3: A “reconstructed” Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software, and Beachhead Studios doing an content delivery service that may come to be known as Call of Duty Elite. [MW3Blog article] The game is going to be released this coming november, penciled for November 8th, 2011. Over the weekend, there has been a lot of leaks, and so, Infinity Ward acted fast with 4 teaser trailers. Yes, count that; Four. Each may be hinting at some clues, and also hinting at the locations of which where we will duke it out in MW3. This directly confirms that the game is indeed a sequel.

G3rmany trailer:

Franc3 trailer:

3ngland trailer:

Am3rica trailer:

The logo that was leaked a while ago, is in fact real. A strong emphasis on “3” is pretty evident in each trailer, hinting at a more marketing approach to things. I have a feeling that the guys at “reconstructed” Infinity Ward is going back to the “word of mouth” marketing, because the trailers are pretty clever.