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First Details of Modern Warfare 3

Last night at Activision’s earnings call, the new C.E.O of Acitivision let out some information regarding the new Call of Duty, saying the game has a massive scale. [MW3Blog article] He said that the game will have epic action, a better community because of connectivity, and immersion. We didn’t know too much about the game he spoke of, until Kotaku caught up with a “reliable” source.

The source said Captain John “Soap” MacTavish and Captain John Price will return to complete a much, much bigger story, that features a scenario that the world is in crisis. In the same world that Russia invaded U.S. that left a cliffhanger in MW2. [Kotaku article] This further indicates that the game in question is in fact Modern Warfare 3 that has been hinted for a year and a half. The source goes on to say that the game will have an urban theme – and the game will be highly destructible. The destructible environments has been a trademark of the Battlefield series. See for yourself:

There has been rumors that Activision is looking to monetize the Call of Duty franchise by the way of a pay to play model, that is a hallmark of MMORPG’s like World of Warcraft. This was further backed up by an announcement that there would be a digital platform that would further enhance the COD experience through COD upgrades. [source] This digital platform opens COD up to more weapons inventory; new weapons, new equipments, new weapon equipment, and weapon/item upgrades. These include weapon attachments that have been a hallmark of Call of Duty since COD4. But we still don’t know that that digital platform entails or even what it’s going to be. It’s purely speculation at this point. But the idea seems obvious, and is more in conjunction with Black Ops’ introduction of Call of Duty points. These points allowed you to buy unlocks within the actual game itself, so this digital platform may be the key to opening COD to a marketplace that the industry may have never seen before.

The difference between the content in Black Ops and the forthcoming Modern Warfare 3 is that the digital platform is purely a content delivery service intended to update regularly, and not presets as with previous games in the series. This project has been in development for 2 years, and is headed by Beachhead Studios.

Activision made it perfectly clear that when MW3 launches this year, players will start out with the same feature sets as the previous games in the series. They said that they can enhance their experience through this digital platform, but they also stressed that they’re optional add-ons.

The supposed pay to play model has been a rampant rumor since it was spoken about by former C.E.O. Bobby Kotick, but it’s a rumor that has been debunked by both Treyarch and Infinity Ward. In the investor call, Eric Hirshberg confirmed that the game will NOT be pay to play.

The waiting continues….

  • J
  • May 11, 2011
Why would you want this game to be pay to play? Are you crazy? Don't hint toward it. Don't say anything like it. Nobody wants p2p for the next game. NOBODY. Unless it's giving me the map packs so I don't have to pay for them, no--I don't want it. It's going to be another 5 map packs, which is another $75 on top of the subscription cost, which then will probably be a large sum of money, which I would rather spend on gas and car insurance then on a stupid game. And yes, CoD sucks if it does have any form of p2p. We already have to pay twice that of WoW just to play it once.
  • A
  • May 11, 2011
it's a god business strategy. Now the way to go well with the crowd is to add a premium subscription model for stat tracking and the like. Charge a monthly fee of 5 to ten dollars and those who are on the premium service get free map packs. Force them to buy a whole year at check out, or sell it in increments, this way someone paid 120 dollars for a year of premium service and they have over a million players for sure on the model. That's almost twice what the game costs and it would sure to entice people to purchase the service, but sadly greed is ones own undoing and am sure they will also charge for map packs. At least give the customers a discount. Either way I don't see a paid, premium subscription blowing over (look at Call of duty players) in their face and it would be a fantastic revenue stream. I wish I worked at Activision :(
  • D
  • May 11, 2011
Great people can pay for Uber Characters. :( Eff COD I am so done with that series. BF3 will be way better, they have been doing destruction right for years now. It won't be shoe horned into the series 6 months before release by a completely new dev team that seems like it needs a lot of help. 3 development teams for 1 game? Sounds like a hot mess to me.
  • O
  • May 19, 2011
OMG! I can't wait for Modern Warfare 3! It sounds alsome!
  • S
  • August 3, 2011
Pay for play would completely blow unless they dropped the price of the game and included all the map packs for free. And as far as the stat tracking, the game already has that built in, so why the need to add that on? It's not like the franchise is gonna live forever, so why try to kill it early???
  • M
  • December 9, 2011
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